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Sinus infections are an extremely common problem, especially among people who smoke or work in dusty environments. Sinus infections occur when the nasal and sinus passages become inflamed by foreign substances like dust, mold, smoke and allergens. The inflammation usually results in problems with proper sinus drainage. As the inflammation increases, so does the pain and pressure until it can actually become unbearable. Usually, doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat infections of all kinds, but people with chronic sinus infections may develop a resistance to the antibiotics. If you are experiencing chronic sinusitis, you will need to discuss your treatments options with your doctor.


The most important thing to do when you are looking through your sinusitis treatment options is figure out what exactly is causing your sinus infections. Though a cold is likely to have symptoms that are similar to sinusitis, there are some sure signs that your have a sinus infection rather than a cold. First of all, sinusitis is likely to cause you to have yellow, green or even bloody mucous. This is because the inflamed sinus passages swell up and cause the mucous membranes to break down, often resulting in bleeding. Also, a sinus infection will cause serious sinus pain and pressure throughout your sinus passages, which is often experienced as pain and pressure around the eyes and on the forehead. If these symptoms have occurred, you will need to discuss your sinus infection treatment options with a doctor.


Over the counter treatment options for chronic sinus infections include sinus medication, pain medication, decongestant medication and sinus rinses. Though it is true that all of these products can help, none of them actually address the primary problem, which is getting rid of the infection itself. Often, chronic sinus infection sufferers need to address the problem with a minor surgical procedure being done, such as a balloon sinuplasty.


Of course, many people will be pretty hesitant to volunteer for sinus surgery, or any kind of surgery for that matter. The good news if sinus surgery is recommended is that today's medical technologies have made sinus surgery less invasive than ever before. With surgical procedures that are less invasive and more effective, you can be sure that treating your chronic sinus infections will be well worth it. 


If you are interested in finding out more about sinus treatments available in your area, the first thing that you should do is take a moment to visit the website of a physician who performs sinus surgeries like balloon sinuplasty. To get started all you have to do is perform a search on your preferred search engine for treatments for chronic sinus infections. To read more about this, go to